4. Ostomy Related

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5 thoughts on “4. Ostomy Related

  1. Patrick, I’ve read a bunch today since I received the e-mail from your Dad with the link to your site. Thanks for sharing. Your uncle asked for prayers the morning of your ER visit & surgery & I have since then, especially invoking your patron, St. Anthony of Padua (originally from Spain!). He’s the patron of finding lost articles. I’m praying for the recovery of lost good health. I read some of the most current posts, but you referred to the ER visit, so I looked back and just read your account. It’s helpful to hear from you, what you went through. Will continue to pray for your recovery and restoration. God bless, in JMJ.


      • APL, I’m so glad to hear that. There’s so much I’d like to say, based on what I’ve read/you’ve written … brevity is not easy for me … so maybe we’ll get a chance to speak in person (over a strawberry Ensure) … but 2 things strike me as I was going about the day’s business: Have you ever heard of the concept of “The Wounded Healer”, and I mention this in the context that we are composite beings, body and soul, and the fact that the one affects the other in positive and negative way … that there is a spiritual component to things, as well as physical.
        The Wounded Healer is someone who has undergone some trauma (physical or otherwise), who in the process of their dealing with it and the recovery, develops an ability to relate to, have compassion on, and help heal others who are now going through the same thing. I think you are already on the road to being that. Ask God to help you mine the resources available to you (within and without) to help you indeed become one. Secondly, closely related to the first is: there is a Scripture verse in one of the books in the Wisdom literature, found in Catholic bibles but excised by the Protestants, where it says (to the best of my memory): “Give the physician his due. How do you not know that after applying a remedy, he does not turn to the Most High to pray to Him for your healing?” The physician will use the best of his knowledge and training to help the patient in curing their illness and relieving their pain, but will also ask for God’s assistance and ask that He will make the remedy effective. I can look for the verse, if you want, and find the exact location and wording.
        Again, all the best … you are a great guy. Thank God for your good heart, bright and inquiring mind and love of research that assists you in seeking a remedy for your condition, that will also be there for you in helping others.


      • SLY thank you for your kind words. I have definitely put alot of stuff out there I wouldn’t normally but im hoping it can help at least one person if nothing else. I have never heard of the wounded healer it seems like an interesting concept.
        Someday I do hope we can get a remedy for this thatd be nice! And I suspect I will always be open to drinking a strawberry ensure 🙂
        thanks for reading! i’ve got more to come!


      • Patrick, I am not used to this format, not knowing how to just reply in a personal way, rather than a public posting. SLY is an old college nickname from my initials that I used with a formal e-mail address … I guess somehow that came through automatically in responding to your “Mr. Libera” reply. Any way, I am sending this to clear up any confusion. Please just let me know if this comes through. Take care.

        God bless, in JMJ, Steve


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