Genairex Securi-T

Before I dive into the Genairex review many ostomates may not be familiar with this company so I will explain it a little bit. Genairex, whose website can be reached by clicking HERE, markets itself as a cost effective alternative to some of its more expensive competitors. I knew right away that this bag has features that I do not prefer but I wanted to go into it open minded and really see if this was in fact an inexpensive viable alternative or simply a cheap pouch. Throughout the review I will reference other companies because it really does borrow design elements from Convatec and Hollister while introducing it’s own cost saving measures.  

Ease of cleaning after emptying: This bag has a tail clip closure system that if you have read through previous reviews you know is not my first choice. This is a bit more understandable when considered through the perspective of cost saving. I spoke with the wound care team at my hospital and it seems that experienced ostomates have a wide range of opinions on clip closures…some swear by them, others hate them. It seems to me that if you have an accident with one type of tail closure (i.e. velcro or clip) than you seem to prefer the others. As I have stated in other reviews make sure you save your clips and have extras on hand because only 1 comes per shipment and they are easy to drop when emptying and cleaning the pouch. Part of the problem I have with these clip systems is that the mouth of the pouch does not have any plastic reinforcement to give some rigidity when you are cleaning the mouth. The trade off for cost saving is that it just takes a bit more time to clean the pouch. I did not notice the outside of the pouch getting dirty like in some Convatec and Coloplast offerings.

Protrusion from abdomen: This bag does not protrude from the abdomen very far at all. The fact that the male portion of the tupperware region does not extend which actually keeps this bag closer to the abdomen than Hollister and Coloplast 2 pieces.

Quality of adhesive: These bags lasted an average of 4-5 days! For my volume of effluent and activity level this was exceptional. I thought this is where the bag would suffer from cost saving measures but in my opinion they didn’t skimp here. I was very impressed by my wear times.

Quality of construction: As I said this pouch clearly has some cost saving measures. For one it is a clip closure which if you can deal with it is fine. Second, there is no cloth lining as seen in more expensive alternatives. Yes you’re left with a transparent bag but it also one that drys rapidly after getting wet and just wicks water away. A very important point to consider is that the male end of the tupperware piece is fixed to the flange. Unlike it’s more expensive competitors where you can reach your fingers under to snap the male and female ends together, this pouch you have to either a) connect them before attaching to the skin or b) put the wafer onto the skin and then press the female end (on the pouch) firmly into the male end. Pressing firmly around the stoma is probably not a good idea for new ostomates with tender abdomens and swollen stomas.

Ease of drying: Without a cloth liner it drys rapidly very similar to the Convatec Activelife.

Number of days per bag: As I stated above 4-5 days.

Perceived weight when full: This bag has a similar wafer size to my Hollister 2 piece systems. I empty these when they are about 1/3 to 1/2 full because they begin to tug at my skin.

Who I would envision liking the bag: People without insurance, who are on a serious budget or simply want to cut down the cost they are spending per month on ostomy supplies will probably like this pouch. If you are already using a 2 piece clip closure systems and do not mind a transparent pouch I highly suggest you try this pouch out because you may be able to save some money which is always a good thing. It certainly is a good quality cost effective alternative as opposed to a cheap bag. For ostomates just out of surgery the issue of not being able to reach your fingers under the male end of the tupperware piece to connect male to female creates a problem. If you are used to 1. attaching the wafer to your skin then 2. connecting the pouch you are going to have to press the female end very firmly against your abdomen.  Going into this review I thought that the quality of the adhesive would be quite poor but I am pleasantly surprised to report that Genairex did not seem to gloss over this essential property of an ostomy system.

Does anyone else have experience with this bag? Let me know how it went for you

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