Why I’ve been M.I.A.

If you have been following my blog at all you probably noticed that my rate of posting has decreased significantly. There are several reasons for this slow down but I am here to let you know that I am planning on returning to (nearly) my old form following vacation. I’m not a professional blogger, writer or patient advocate and at this stage I am still learning how to navigate social media as both a patient and a medical student. In spite of this, I want to share the foremost reason why I’ve been absent from blog posts. This is really tiring. Writing about my health and sharing how I feel about problems as they arise may come readily to some but for me these have always been closely guarded secrets. It is a great challenge to be consistently open and honest in this medium without coming across as whining – something I try my hardest to avoid.

I am not quite sure what people ‘find’ in my writing but I expect it’s a mixed bag ranging from entertainment to honest folks truly seeking a virtual community through shared, albeit negative, experiences. Regardless of why you’ve tuned in, the fact remains that this is my reality and at times I just need to figure things out before I share them with anyone else. Living, adjusting and trying to understand the health issues I go through while balancing personal and professional goals is not easy. If you’re a close reader you may have noticed the conspicuous absence of certain topics from my posts namely relationships, psychological concerns and similarly related topics. I am not trying to withhold information, I am just a fiercely independent and private person (despite writing a blog) and think that others are more eloquent on these topics than I. Connecting with others on these deeper levels is something that I am working on in my personal life and perhaps any improvements there will manifest in my writing, time will tell.

I needed a break to recharge, so what should you expect in the coming weeks. I am currently starting a large IBD related research study with a professor at my school so I do not expect that future posts will be quite at the rapid fire pace I like. So use the time to catch up on old posts! On the content side, I broadly intend to incorporate new medium (some video) and improve the clarity and quality of my writing. In addition to having a new and more organized website I have planned a series of videos including a product review and tutorials aimed at helping patients with chronic diseases to track their health data in ways that will help their physician. I have begun a post on my thoughts/experience with narcotic use for pain relief, a health update, some IBD journal club posts that I think will be of general interest and more about how IBD has affected relationships and my personality. Lastly, with the encouragement and help of a med school friend I am undergoing CCFA Facilitator training and we are starting a support group in my city, which currently has none. I firmly believe in taking steps to improve your local communities so connecting to other patients in my area is really important to me.

I just wanted to say thank you both for your kind words/emails/tweets of encouragement and for bearing with me as I adjust to so many changes in my life that were thrown at me unexpectedly. Incidentally, today I should have started my second year of medical school but oh well, asi es la vida.

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