Quick administrative update

Sleep has been eluding me these days (thanks to 6 pouch leaks in 3 nights in California-don’t get my started on that) so I decided to take a critical look at some of the ways I could improve the overall layout of this blog. My goal (I have a long way to go) is to make the site highly organized and intuitive to visitors and frequent readers. I want to keep you all updated on changes and things I am thinking about changing because it effects you and I value your input so email me or comment below what you think. I appreciate your patience because as I am very new to blogs and social media other than facebook.

Changes I made last night:

  1. If you access the site by typing in the URL it will direct you to the “About me” page. This page is now static meaning it will not be where the new blog posts are uploaded. I did this to simply orient new visitors on my motivations and goals for this work.
  2. New blog posts will be added and can be accessed in a separate page that is titled “Blog”.
  3. The various pages within the site (i.e Bag Bracketology, Medical history etc) have been numbered, reordered and in some cases renamed so that I can control the order they appear. In the wordpress format that I use it automatically puts them in alphabetical order but I like having more of a logic flow in how they are ordered.
  4. New widgets (things on the right side of the screen): Now I have my email listed there (please feel free to email me!), a facebook “like” option and part of my twitter feed. I have these different social media platforms running in parallel so I think it makes more sense to streamline them as much as possible especially for people who do not use twitter.

Changes that I am considering:

  1. I need to make 2 new pages: one for “IBD Journal Club” and another titled “Product Reviews” (I should be receiving a product to review shortly).
  2. I am looking into simplifying the name of the site. Right now “Crohn’s talk patient to patient” is too cumbersome and I think I can keep the theme and shorten it.
  3. If I change the overall name (which I will likely do) I will probably purchase a domain name which will allow me to shorten the URL and get rid of the “.wordpress.” portion.
  4. Right now for each new blog post the complete text shows up and this makes for a whole lot of scrolling and it also makes it harder to find older posts so I think a different approach where the title, a picture and a read more option would be better. This would let everyone find older posts more easily.

What do you think about some of the changes?

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