Bag Bracketology: Cymed Two-Piece Drainable (78345)

Ease of cleaning after emptying: As you can see from the pictures above this is a tip closure system. If you have read the reviews under the “Bag Bracketology” tab at the top of the page you will know that to me this closure system is more difficult to clean as compared to velcro closures. I experienced no problems emptying the pouch, in fact I have found that using the closed clip to push contents from the top down is a good way to quickly empty thicker effluent, but cleaning the ‘mouth’ once the pouch is drained leaves much to be desired. This being said I am far more proficient at cleaning the tip closure systems now then I used to be and admittedly over time you can adapt to this type of closure. The plastic this pouch is constructed out of actually feels more robust/has more rigidity then many of the other tip closure pouches I have tested which made it the easiest tip closure pouches to clean that I have tested thus far. This is likely due to a combination of a learning curve effect in addition to the better quality plastic-which I really do think it has.

Protrusion from abdomen: This pouch, along with the Marlen 2 piece, is what I would call more of a ‘1.5 piece’. It is not a true 2 piece in the sense that there is no click in tupperware type pieces rather these pouches employ an adhesive attachment between the pouch and the flange (which I will just abbreviate as pouch:flange). You can see in the picture above how there is no tupperware instead it employs an adhesive connection between pouch:flange. Inherently this rides closer to the abdomen than pouches such as the Hollister 18133, 18193, Coloplast Sensura Click (review coming) and others which have some variation of a tupperware snap in connection.

Quality of adhesive: On these “1.5” piece pouches there are two regions of adhesive to consider. The first is obviously the flange:skin and the second is the pouch:flange. I found the adhesive against my skin quite robust which surprised me. It is different from many other pouches in that the outermost region is clear and has the feeling of a very sticky Saran wrap but I will tell you once it is on the skin it gripped and didnt let go. The picture below does not do it justice because you are supposed to apply the flange in a few steps so while in the picture it is crumbled up I didn’t have this issue when applying the flange. Additionally I did not experience peeling away from the edges of the flange during high activity use (exercise in nearly 100 degree F weather) or showering.

The second adhesive point that matters is between the pouch and the flange. I had serious troubles with this portion in the Marlen 2 piece pouch and again this was the leakage point from this pouch. While it did maintain structural integrity for longer then the Marlen it was still the weak point. These leaks happened to me at night when the weight of the pouch can pull to one side placing greater stress then usual to one side of the pouch. It is important to note that I intentionally DO NOT USE ANY SUPPORT SYSTEM (Stealthbelt, stoma guard, maternity belts etc) for any pouches as I am trying to test how well the adhesive systems work. 

Quality of construction: I was pleasantly surprised with the construction of this pouch. First, the quality of the adhesives both against the skin and from pouch:flange were quite strong. While it did eventually fail at the pouch:flange connection it lasted longer then I had expected. As I have mentioned the plastic used to make this pouch seemed to hold its shape better than some of the others which made it a bit easier to clean after emptying. The pouches I used did not have filters and I am unsure if that option is available. Its a rather simple pouch so I think that about covers it.

Ease of drying: This pouch drys very quickly (similar to Convatec ActiveLife). The tan covering on the pouch is not a cloth material. It is more of a softer plastic mesh that does not hold water. So when you shower or swim it wicks water away nicely and drys after a simple pat down with a towel.

Number of days per pouch: I consistently was able to achieve 3-4 days with this pouch. Impressive considering the non tupperware attachment system between pouch:flange.

Perceived weight when full: I emptied this pouch frequently because I was being more conservative given it did not have a tupperware connection. I admittedly did not let this pouch get above 1/2 full which is probably the most you should allow your pouch to fill. Opinions on that will vary.

Who I would envision liking the pouch: If you already like tail clip closure systems I thought this was a very nice pouch. The good quality plastic, solid adhesive systems and quick drying were nice features. If you’re happy with your velcro closure system or tupperware connection I do not think this pouch is good enough to warrant switching from a more secure/easier to clean design to this pouch. Looking on the Cymed website (Click here) they have a section that I do not recall seeing on other manufacturer’s sites. They have a Medicare page which shows you exactly the type and number of pouches etc covered under Medicare. Honestly, this is really nice to see knowing that so many ostomates are older folks who likely rely on Medicare. I like seeing that this company will take care of this large proportion of the ostomate community.

Does anyone else have experience with this pouch? Let me know how it went for you.

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