A New Series: Current and Future Health Care Professionals with IBD

email: crohnstalkpatient2patient@yahoo.com

At the behest of medical students from the United States and Europe seeking support, advice and direction from other M.D.s with IBD I am going to start what I hope will be a fruitful series about being or becoming a health care professional with IBD. Navigating professional or graduate school is challenging independent of health status but I know of no manual for being a doctor, scientist, nurse etc while dealing with IBD. Current students, such as myself, must turn to and learn from our predecessors who have likely faced these issues alone. So I am going to put out the following prompt which can be completed anonymously to protect personal and professional privacy:

“Please share with us your journey with IBD through the perspective of a current or future health care professional. For example: Has it influenced your decision to pursue medicine or your career path within medicine? What, if any, are the current or perceived boundaries you do or expect to face? Has your experience as a patient with a chronic disease changed how you view/address patient concerns? How have you managed caring for others while dealing with your own health issues that can be physically and emotionally consuming? What advice, if any, do you have for aspiring physicians or other health care provider with IBD?” Pictures can be included in posts and for now there will be no character limit.

One writer has graciously committed to be first poster and I will be reaching out to individuals I know who may be interested in participating.

Again, please feel free to write anonymously. If you have further questions or to submit a response (that will be unaltered) please contact me at crohnstalkpatient2patient@yahoo.com.

I write under a pseudonym so I value and understand anonymity. All email correspondence will be 100% private. 


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