Something all IBD patients, parents or interested parties should do right now…make a Twitter!

For those who don’t know Digestive Diseases Week (DDW) is going on right now. This is the largest GI meeting and there is a TON of new research on Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis being presented from all over the world by physicians and scientists alike. Today was the first day and seeing the number of attendees live Tweeting IBD related studies and thoughts is amazing. If you do not have a Twitter I HIGHLY suggest you sign up for one right now, even if you log only during DDW. There are so many people tweeting so I am not going to be able to list everyone, not because I don’t want you to follow them but just b/c its hard to keep up. Look up the “#DDW15“.

Here are some of the physicians at DDW who are tweeting non stop

  • @ibddoctor (Dr. Higgins from the University of Michigan goes ‘all out’ tweeting study design, results, take home messages…excellent resource
  • @EdwardLoftus2 (from the Mayo clinic)
  • @RyanMadanickMD (from University of North Carolina)
  • @charlie_lees (from Edinburgh)

I highly suggest following the leading patient advocates in IBD who are attending DDW (I am sure there are several more that I don’t know are there! If you’re reading this I just didn’t know sorry). These folks work non-stop to increase credible education, awareness, funding and legislation geared toward patients with IBD. They are inspiring folks so follow and learn!

  • @Sara_Ringer
  • @DanSharpIBD
  • @Crohnseffect
  • @ryan_crohnsguy
  • @journalingIBD
  • @aboutIBD
  • @Empoweringpts9

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