Blog and Health Update

I just wanted to check in and do a “current health status” update and also just let you know how views have been and all. So the blog has been viewed in 40 countries for a total closing in on 13,000 views. That’s amazing to me as I never expected this to be anything more than just a way to pass some time. Unfortunately my frequency of posting has declined in correlation with how I have been feeling. This past week I had 3 separate days of blood draws and they’ve discovered some potentially serious problems with my liver and bone marrow. Either issue could explain how exhausted I have been feeling but dealing with both has been tough. These issues need to be sorted out quickly but I’ve got a good team and great support. I’ll be fine. I have a ‘long reads’ post I have been working on discussing surgery in Crohn’s disease that will be posted this week! Thank you for being patient, for reading the blog and for all the encouraging words. My goal is to be feeling better to make it home so I can attend Digestive Diseases Week 2015 for which I am registered. CROSS YOUR FINGERS I CAN MAKE IT TO DDW I REALLY WANT TO GO!

Countries that have viewed the blog

Countries that have viewed the blog

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