Brief Update- Fatigue

I just wanted to update you all with whats going on and explain why I haven’t posted the recent fundraising and 10K.  I have been feeling extremely fatigued these past few weeks and for non-IBD people this isn’t just an I’m tired feeling its far more crippling than that. I haven’t been able to focus on projects that I need to get done, basic day to day stuff has been challenging and the people closest to me can tell something is not right. Yesterday I contacted my docs and they expedited a lot of blood work tests for me and I will be going into the office this coming Tuesday (thank you so much if you ever happen to see this).  I am sorry I’ve been so behind on the 10K post but right now I’m trying to get by. I have felt this way before and I will be fine but that’s why I have been M.I.A on posting some of the more important things. Twitter has been easier for me to post on b/c it requires little effort but it does allow me to talk with other bloggers, doctors and scientists who are all about IBD. So follow me on twitter @apl2018 to listen in on whats going on there. Thanks.


2 thoughts on “Brief Update- Fatigue

  1. My son has Crohns and is very active (14 years old). He is sometimes so tired, even when he is not in flare up. Do you have fatigue during non-flare up times? I haven’t had anyone to compare his illness too, until now. Thanks for your blog!! I hope your energy level gets back up and great job on the 10K!!


    • Christy thanks for the comment. Unfortunately I do experience fatigue during non flare up times but usually not as severe. Often there are several relatively straightforward explanations (i.e. anemia [various types], medication side effects, dehydration, nutritional deficiencies in people w/ inflammation in terminal ileum [common in Crohn’s] and others) however as a whole fatigue is a very poorly understood symptom. In fact, it was only within the last few years that fatigue became a recognized/accepted symptom of IBD (crohn’s and ulcerative colitis). However in a recent survey study with several hundred IBD patients, fatigue was ranked as the 3rd most important symptom from a patients perspective only behind abdominal pain and one other I am blanking on. So it is very real concern and can be difficult to manage. I’ll be alright and hope to post very soon so keep an eye out 🙂


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