Bag Bracketology: Coloplast SenSura Mio 1 Piece

I have 2 additional Hollister 1 piece bags that I will be reviewing I just forget their model numbers

I have 2 additional Hollister 1 piece bags that I will be reviewing I just forget their model numbers

Above are the bags that I am working through reviewing. I have been wearing the Coloplast SenSura Click 2 piece bags for a few weeks so I will go ahead and do that review next. Followed by reviews on Genairex and Marlen bags. 

Coloplast SenSura Mio 1 Piece

This is not going to be a full review because I could not gather enough data to really evaluate the bag. This 1 piece system just did not adhere to my skin at all. Out of the 3 bags that I did have, the longest one stayed attached to my skin was 8 hours. I burned through my 3 bags (which would normally last me almost 2 weeks) within 24 hours of putting the first one on. I do not have “weeping” skin or an irregularly shaped stoma nor have had I had any difficulty with other bags. This was the first time I needed to use no sting prep + stoma powder and that was the bag that lasted 8 hours. This bag just didn’t seem to like my skin. I debated even posting about it but decided to go ahead and do so.  With this being said I was able to gather a bit of data which I will explain below.


Ease of cleaning after emptying: This bag has the same closure system as the Coloplast SenSura click if you are familiar with that model. I have had trouble with this opening during cleaning and emptying. The closure system (main velcro strip with 2 arms) is really nice with the two flaps of velcro and it is tactile for those individuals who may have difficulty seeing or with weak hands it is much easier to close than the Hollister options or the Convatec clip bags. However moving down to the mouth,  there is a single extended lip which extends past the opening and caused me some trouble. I am not able to empty these bags without getting the velcro on the reverse side dirty and also the area where the mouth folds up upon. This drives me absolutely insane and increases odor during times when I should not have odor. I thought that I would like the extended lip and that it would facilitate easier emptying and cleaning but it did the opposite. I found it made the velcro on the reverse side of it dirty on the bags that I tested.

Protrusion from abdomen: This bag rides a little further away from the abdomen then other 1 pieces I have worn. I think that this is a function of the large filter that forms a doughnut shape around the whole stoma region.

Quality of adhesive: This adhesive system basically did not work for me.

Quality of construction: It is obvious to me that this bag was designed by or closely with ostomates. There are several subtle features that ostomates would appreciate. First, there is a viewing window to see the stoma beneath the covering of the bag (see below). Second, Coloplast has done away with cloth coverings and adopted a material that is water resistant and drys rapidly. Next the bag has velcro to give it variability at how low it hangs, which I found helpful for in the shower or for those who have problems with the bag hitting their legs (see the first pictures of front position 1, 2, 3). Also there is a little tab on the flange where you can easily grab and pull away the bag during full changes.

This being said there are construction issues that I have with this bag:

1. The flange is huge (almost 6 inches in diameter) which causes problems for people who have a stoma close to the navel. In my experience if the flange covers or only partially covers the navel you have a major weak spot and your chances of leaks goes way up. Having such a large flange was one of the reasons why this bag did not adhere to me very well.

2. The large flange houses the massive filter which I found woefully ineffective. In the Hollister and Convatec filters I was able to go about 2 days without experiencing ballooning. The large filter simply didn’t work well for me and I had ballooning even within 8 hours of a bag change. No bueno. Sometimes less can be more effective.

3. The extended lip on the mouth of the bag drove me crazy. Am I the only person who because of this lip gets the velcro on the reverse side dirty? Do people realize there are plenty of competitive options out there that do NOT get the exterior of the bag dirty during simple bag empties? If this mouth did not have that extended lip I would like the opening much more.

4. Again with the first fold up issue…This bag has such a wide mouth that even with the first fold being up toward the wearer you can somewhat control the rate of emptying a bit better then Convatec’s with similar construction. I think I may need to do a video explaining/showing what exactly I mean by the “folding up” issue. This creates another area where I would find the exterior of the bag getting empty.

Ease of drying: The grey material that this bag is wrapped in is more nylon esq than cloth like so it drys rapidly. It really drys very quickly which I was impressed with. Water wicks away easily which was great.

Number of days per bag: The most I was able to get from a SenSura Mio was 8 hours

Perceived weight when full: I was having leaking problems so I was not comfortable allowing this bag to fill up, I was emptying at like 1/3 fullness.

Who I would envision liking the bag: I think that if you are a 1 piece ostomy bag wearer you should request the free samples from Coloplast. The package that they send you is decked out with all kinds of free ostomy gear+supplies that will be useful however dont be sold so easily! Try the bags and make sure they adhere to your skin. If they do and you can put up with the exterior of the bag getting a bit dirty during routine empties then the SenSura Mio are worthy of consideration. For me the bag didn’t stick and the emptying/cleaning is not the best I have seen out there. Don’t be a sucker for Coloplast’s freebies and slick marketing (see below)! Make sure the bag works for you before spending money!!!


Does anyone else have experience with this bag? Let me know how it went for you

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