Bag Bracketology: Convatec Esteem (1 piece)

Sneak peak at what is coming. Red are yet to be posted on, Black have published reviews

Sneak peak at what is coming. Red are yet to be posted on, Black have published reviews


Convatec Esteem One-Piece Drainable Moldable with InvisiClose, Filter (4413521)

Ease of cleaning after emptying: This bag has the same closure system (and is similar overall) as the Convatec Natura so I will use much of that text here with further elaboration on one of the issues in closing these bags. Before wearing the bag it appears to have a good closure system. What do I think is a good closure system? Well, one with exterior reinforced plastic pieces that provide support to push against when opening (see pictures below). These plastic pieces are an important feature to look for because they facilitate easier opening and cleaning. However, after wearing this bag and doing several bag empties I quickly realized the flaws in the opening. What problems? There are 2 major ones I identified. The first is that the mouth has these protruding plastic pieces (lips I guess) which, as they don’t have support, fold back onto the bag when you are trying to clean the bag after emptying (see pictures below). This folding back causes the exterior of the bag to get dirty along with your fingers. To me that is unacceptable. I suppose you could cut these off but personally I don’t want to take the time to modify my bag. The second major problem I identified was that since the bag closes up towards you in the first fold there is virtually no way to control the rate of emptying once you undo the pseudo-velco closure system. This creates like a rapid arching waterfall effect when you have liquid output. I do not experience this issue with bags that close in the opposite direction (tucking down in the first fold rather than folding up, look at the images below for visual representation).


Protrusion from abdomen: This bag rides closely to the abdomen. While it’s not what I would call a true one piece, it does not have the Tupperware like connection between flange and bag so it rides more closely.

Quality of adhesive: There are two adhesive regions. The moldable region adjacent to the stoma sticks very strongly against the skin. Parts 1, 2 and 3 that remove from bag and go onto the skin first adhere quite well to the skin (see pictures below). The most exterior adhesive region also has a strong connection. My skin has not been weeping up to this point and my wound has closed so my body is being nicer to these bags that I am reviewing hereon out. In the shower and during exercise this bag has stuck very strongly.

Removing Part 1 reveals the moldable region.

Removing Part 1 reveals the moldable region.

Quality of construction: The adhesion system in this bag is quite strong. Aside from the Natura (previously reviewed) Convatec gets adhesive materials right. Also I like the peak window to view the stoma without having to have a fully transparent bag. I also found that the filter on this bag works quite well, I did not experience ballooning for the duration of wearing this bag. Attaching this bag takes a bit of learning curve as the 1, 2 and 3 pieces detach from the bag and go onto the skin first. My first bag change I had to refer to the instructions which took some time, but after that I had it pretty well nailed down because it is fairly easy (see pictures below). The completely cloth lined bag traps water after showers. This bag closure system is frustrating because I cannot figure out a way to keep the outside of the bag clean. Your mileage may vary but for me it has been tricky.

Ease of drying: The bag is totally wrapped by a double lined with a cloth like layer (see above photos). While this does quiet down the bag under your cloths it also traps water after showering. Like all bags that are double lined with cloth it just takes time to dry. It’s a balance of warmth on the skin, having a non-transparent bag and one that doesn’t make sound to easy of drying. The Convatec ActiveLife drys rapidly (great for swimmers probably) but does make sound under the shirt and is obviously transparent.

Number of days per bag: I was able to get a respectable 4 days with this bag. The adhesive system held the whole time but the closure system makes the exterior of the bag get a little dirty (at least in my experience) so I had to change due to odor.

Perceived weight when full: This bag has quite a large attachment point to the skin which makes it feel secure when full. It carries well and I had confidence wearing the bag unsupported without any belt when it was filling.

Who I would envision liking the bag: If you have an irregularly shaped stoma I think that the moldable technology is the way to go. Additionally, if you do not like the traditional snap to close Tupperware two piece bags because of their protrusion from the abdomen then you may like this bag as it seems like a compromise between a 1 and 2 piece system. If you like the discreetness of a covered bag while maintaining the ability to view the stoma then this system provides that. Attaching the bag requires a slight learning curve but after that I did find it quite pleasant to wear despite the problem of the the opening. This was the bag I wore for the 10K (I had a variety of options to choose from) because it is very comfortable to wear.

Does anyone else have experience with this bag? Let me know how it went for you



2 thoughts on “Bag Bracketology: Convatec Esteem (1 piece)

  1. We have had trouble getting it to adhere to my daughter’s skin. Are you using a skin barrier wipe or anything? The demo I saw seemed like she put it on clean, dry skin. We are dealing with a rash and had to do crusting with powder and barrier sponges. She had a major leak and we are so discouraged. We were using cymed microskin, but they started causing rashes, but adhered great and need to adhesive remover which was a benefit.


    • At that time I was not using a skin barrier wipe or performing any crusting procedures. Unfortunately I am dealing with rash issues right now as well and have had to start crusting etc. I have noticed that since this started the quality of all my seals has dropped significantly and I have had more leaks, I think (hope) that once I get this rash under control my wear times will improve. I hope the same is the case for your daughter as well. I am sorry to hear that she had a major leak :/ those are never fun, hang in there and let me know which pouch ends up working!


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