Support the Ost-Homies!

Attached is a link to support my 10K team. Thank you so much for reading the blog, spreading the word about life with IBD and any financial support! I have a lot of content planned including guest posts that may be of interest to everyone (including me)! Help us reach our goals!

Click Here To Support The Ost – Homies!!!

  • Goal 1: Raise awareness for Crohn’s disease and ostomates. We will do this by completing the 10k walk/run and promoting my blog. We are off to a great start, thank you so much!
  • Goal 2: Ensure that Virginia’s physicians of the future are well versed on the humanistic side of medicine. I hope to arrange with the School of Medicine to bring patients (not me) with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases into the classroom to share their perspective on living with chronic disease.
  • Goal 3: To purchase tablets and develop a multimedia tutorial to educate patients about adjusting to life with their ostomies. Current practice at our medical center is to give patients a booklet addressing FAQ’s they may have. Unfortunately up to 40% of patients who have had the same surgery as I did will have to be readmitted due to preventable complications. I think we can do better! I aim to develop a pilot program to educate patients and measure whether improving patient education can cut down on hospital readmission rates in surgeries like my own.

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